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Tuesday, July 29, 2014


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Following resolutions by Sunshine Africa Foundation, a charitable foundation in Kenya and the Community Based Organizations (CBOs) in Elgeyo Marakwet reached during the Marakwet Culture Day held at Tot Township in Elgeyo Marakwet County in the Rift Valley of Kenya, we hereby invite you to help us amplify our call to action to implement the stated resolutions.

The resolutions were endorsed by the Elgeyo-Marakwet community during their Cultural Day where we outlined Sunshine Africa Foundation's  mission of changing lives, impacting humanity and the Humanitarian Aid & Development Assistance Program (HADAP) Strategic Plan for the next 5 years including eliminating Female Genital Mutilation on girls and women; promoting education of orphaned and vulnerable children; increasing access to water; building schools and promoting education; promoting culture and tourism in Elgeyo-Marakwet County; promoting food security and agribusiness by working with small-scale farmers; promoting peace and reconciliation between Keiyo, Marakwet, Pokot and minority communities; engaging investors, professionals, and the Diaspora in investing in the county especially in the potential tourism and agriculture sectors; and linking the grassroot community based organizations to local, national and international connections, networks and opportunities to enhance community development and advance humanitarian aid and development assistance to Elgeyo-Marakwet County.
Mr. Armstrong Ongera II, Executive Director, Sunshine Africa Foundation addressing students who attended the Culture Day at Tot Township, Kenya. The Students and their teachers welcomed HADAP to to help their school and especially the students with disabilities (PWDs)

Sunshine Africa Foundation offered to address the needs of the local communities through HADAP’s Gifts-of-Love Project to embrace and positively impacts the lives of the most vulnerable children, women at risk and the poor families. The Foundation will coordinate with development and collaborative partners, volunteers, institutions, organizations, donors, sponsors, well-wishers and Friends of Sunshine Africa Foundation/The Mission to fundraise and mobilize humanitarian aid and development assistance to secure the Gifts-of-Love and distribute them to the most needy in the society with an aim of bring a feel-good effect to over 100,000 people (orphans, women, school kids, small-scale farmers, elderly and the poor) in Elgeyo Marakwet and by extension to neighboring West Pokot and Baringo Counties as they share a common bond and are both vulnerable. The HADAP Program will be rolled out nationwide to alleviate abject poverty and human suffering, create sustainable community development, bring dignity and hope to the less fortunate, and emancipate the voiceless especially the orphaned and vulnerable children, women and the youth. Volunteer or Get Involved today to achie
Mrs. Lilian Kiptoo, HADAP Coordicator
Here’s a List of Gifts-of-Love. You can choose what to donate or sponsor:

#1. Cow
Cow for Dairy Farming/Milk or Beef Production. One Of The Surest Way To Eradicate Household Poverty. It Will Also Reduce Cattle Rustling That Is Rampant In The Region: 500

#2. Goat
Goats Adapts Well In The Climate:  50

#3. Sheep
The Highlands are suitable for Sheep Rearing: 40

#4. Poultry/Hen
Poultry Keeping (Layers/Broilers or Kienyeji): 100

#5. School Fees
Kindergarten/Pre-school: 500
Primary: 800
High School: 1,000
Polytechnic: 1,200
College: 1,500
University: 1,875
***University Scholarship Should Be For Girl-child Only

#6. School Uniforms
Full Uniform (2 Pairs Each): 70

#7. Books
Text Books; Atlas; Dictionary; Oxford Set; Bible; Exercise Books; Pens; and Erasers: 75

#8. Pack Back
Water Proof Pack Back for carrying books safely: 30

#9. Mosquito Net
Treated Mosquito Net: 10

#10. Sanitary Pads/Towels
Year Long Supply of Pads: 30

#11. Shoes
Bata Shoe/Recommended: 25

#12.Water Tank
4000 Litre Water Storage/Harvesting Tank Per Household/Small-scale Farmer: 185

#13. Connecting Water to Mains (MAJI NI MAISHA PROJECT)
Pipes (Class C; ½ Inch)and Valves (Per Household/Small-Scale Farmer). No metering needed as the water will be available via force of gravity: 225

#14. Water Guard/Straw
Water Treatment: 15

#15. Birth Certificate
Transportation and Paperwork: 20

#16. Household Items
Sufurias, Cooking Pots, Kitchet Wares, etc: 60

#17. Lighting Lantern + Kerosene
Lantern and Paraffin for children to Study at Home: 50

#18. D-Light Solar Equipment
Polar Powered Lighting System: 150

#19. Beddings
Bed; Mattress; Blankets; Sheets; and Pillows: 200

#20. Farms Inputs (Green Farms)
Fertilizer; Seeds; Sprinkler; Jembes; and Forks: 300

#21. Leasing Land For Green Farms (1 Acre)
1 Acre per Year: 315

#22. Buying Land For Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs)/ Landless/Dispossessed
1 Acre Forever (99 Years) with Title Deed: 5,000

#23. Electric Power Installation
Installation, Connecting Fee, Meter and Wiring for a Household: 1,250

#24. Training & Capacity Building to Small-scale Farmers/CBOs/Cultural Groups
Training on management, accounting, agribusiness, communication, and technology: 500

#25. Building of a School Classroom
Measuring 40 by 40 Feet
Building Materials-Timbers, Iron Sheets, Cement, Sand, Ballast, Ceiling Boards, Nails, Paints, Doors, Hinge,  Locks and Labor: 7,500

#26. Equipping of a Medical/Health Center
Medicines; and Equipments: 5,000

#27. Conducting a Medical Camp
Gloves, Medicines, Advertizing and Logistics: 1,500

#28. Building a Home/House For The Homeless
Building Materials for Semi-permanent/Temporary House with Iron Sheet Roofing: 1,000

#29. Sponsoring An Orphaned Child
Foster Parenting/Sponsor A Child Program to feed, educate, shelter, and care for an orphan per month: 30

#30. Feeding a Family
Securing Food: 40

#31. Helping Conserve Environment/Escarpment/Forest as Water Catchment Areas
(Embobut, Kessup, Rimoi National Reserve, Kerio Valley National Reserve, Cherangany Hills, Kipkunurr, Tembu, Cheboyit, Sogotio, Kapchemutwa, Sabor, Tingwa Hill, Mektei, Kapchorua, Kipkabus, Kaptagat, Koisungur, Kapkanyar, and Kipteberr Hills)
Adopt-a-Forest Program by helping with fencing or planting or watering 1000 seedlings: 1,500

#32. Logistics-Motor Bike
Motor Bike for Transportation Suitable Mountainous Terrain: 3125;
***Bicycle to Enhance Mobility for School Children or Small-Scale Farmers due to Poor Road Infrastructure and Terrain: 150

#33. Logistics-Motor Vehicle( 4x4) Off-road
Toyota Land Cruisher + 4 Spare Tires Customized For Rough Terrain: 65,000
Fuel: 500/Month

#34. Tractor for Farming
Multipurpose for the Green Farms Project to Be Used For Agriculture and Food Security: 50,000

#35. HADAP  Coordination Office Support`
Office Rent-400
Utility Bills (Electricity & Water)- 100
Tables- 500
Cabinets- 450
Files- 150

Invitation to be a Friend of Sunshine Africa Foundation or Goodwill Ambassador: Our Humanitarian Aid and Development Assistance Program (HADAP) can be achieved only if we have the support of the local communities and friends around the world. We cannot do it alone. We appeal for the support of the people of the world. Therefore, we invite well-wishers and friends to enlist as Goodwill Ambassadors or Friends or Sponsors or Partners with Sunshine Africa  Foundation/The Mission at $ 30 or Euros 20 per person payable monthly or annually .If you are interested to Donate, Fundraise or Get Involved with HADAP’s Gifts-of-Love Project to impact lives directly, contact us on e-mail: 

Donations Can Be Sent To Us Via The Following Options:
#1. PayPal: 
#2. Western Union/MoneyGram: ARMSTRONG ONGERA
#3. Bank Transfer:
A/C No. : 0821430151
Swift Code: BARCKENX
Branch: Haile Selassie Avenue.


NB: Sale of Fairtrade Handmade Beaded Items: Alternatively, one can donate to us by buying the Fairtrade Items handmade by local women and youth. Order Yours Today. Donors Will Receive Free Complimentary Gift From Us. E-mail or Post Us Your Address So That We Can Be Able To Ship Directly to You.

Together, We Shall Overcome!!!

Thank you,

Armstrong Ongera II,
For & On Behalf of the Board of Trustees, Executive Management, Volunteer Team and Beneficiaries of Aid Kenya Foundation
Sunshine Africa Foundation is a humanitarian aid and development assistance charitable foundation whose mission is to change lives, impact humanity of the orphaned and vulnerable children, teenage mothers, in-and-out of school youth, women at risk and the disadvantaged populations in rural-urban slums of Kenya.
The Foundation accept Individual, corporate and group membership as collaborative partners.

Mission: “Changing Lives, Impacting Humanity



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    1. Thank you so much. How can you help us to support the children?