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Thursday, June 26, 2014



The dream of Mission of Hope Children’s Center (The Mission Center) was initially born out of the Malindi Hope Project research that was conduct by Aid Kenya Foundation under the leadership of the Foundation’s Executive Director, Mr. Armstrong O’Brian Ongera, Jr., who had co-founded similar projects in Nairobi’s urban slums of Kibera, and Kitui Ndogo; Kware Slums in Ongata Rongai in Kajiado County, in the Rift Valley just outside Nairobi; and in Kitutu Community in Kisiii County.

After meeting and interviewing parents, guardians, the community elders and seeing many parentless children whose parents died of HIV/AIDS suffer, and many o the kids going to the Beach in Malindi to waste themselves, Mr. Armstrong convinced the Foundation’s Board of Trustees to work towards establishing the Mission of Hope Children’s Center and the Milalani Community School. Based on the experience of Mr. Armstrong’s leadership, experience, passion and believe in the education of the children and teenage mothers, he was tasked to work towards achieving the Foundation’s dream for the people of Coast. Here's the Detailed information about The Mission:

Due to increased child suffering and abuse and rampant illiteracy in the Coast Region of Kenya, the two projects will help empower the children with education and skills.

Vision:To bring lasting and a positive change to the young children and the community they live in.

Mission:To make a real lasting difference to the lives of children through provision of quality education, care and support.

Our Philosophy: An educated Child is an empowered child. We believe in the philosophy of Nelson
Mandela: ”Education Is The Most Powerful Weapon Which You Can Use To Change The World”

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